We Need to Be Actively Anti-Racist—18 Articles to Help You Understand and Take Action

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This week, it’s been hard to navigate how to approach our content here at The Everygirl.  Talking about shoes and summer clothes and even career advice suddenly feels not only inappropriate but also fully trivial in light of what’s happening in our country. While these are an escape from daily life—especially in times of crisis—and something we will always provide, we also can’t and won’t ignore the greater issues we’re facing in the United States.

Above all, one thing is unquestionably true: change is needed, and for it to happen, the first step is to be as informed as humanly possible. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and to listen to the voices that are fighting to be heard—so we’ve rounded up articles from various publications that are a great place to start. 


1. Protests Over George Floyd’s Death Spread Across U.S.: Live Updates


2. Fires Rage in Minneapolis; Trump Calls Protesters ‘THUGS,’ Suggests Looting Will Lead to ‘Shooting’


3. These Are The Images of George Floyd You Should See


4. Opinion | My Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Blue, What the Hell Are You Doing?



5. 12-Year-Old Goes Viral Singing ‘I Just Want to Live’ in Wake of George Floyd’s Death


6. How White People Can Hold Each Other Accountable to Stop Institutional Racism


7. Opinion | Of Course There Are Protests. The State is Failing Black People.



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9. America’s Racial Contract Is Exposed Anew


10. The Racist Roots of American Policing: From Slave Patrols to Traffic Stops


11. These Photos Capture the Stark Contrast in Police Response to the George Floyd Protests and the Anti-Lockdown Protests


12. The Death of George Floyd, in Context



13. Black People Need Stronger White Allies—Here’s How You Can Be One


14. 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice


15. Millions of Amy Coopers They could be your boss or your neighbor or your teacher, if disturbed on the wrong day.


16. Beyond the Hashtag: How to Take Anti-Racist Action in Your Life


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To show up you must come forward boldly with three things. KNOWLEDGE + (radical) EMPATHY + (radical) ACTION. • My heart is so heavy. The weariness I see in the eyes of my people is crushing me. Breath is short and sighs are long and optimistic hope is feeling fleeting. • I’m going to log off for a while but I wanted to leave this here for the thousands in my ear asking what actionable items they can take. • Here is a resource dump, the only thing I can cough up at this point — I haven’t the energy to engage much more at the moment but I hope you’ll make the choice to DO something. • In the words of Angela Davis “it is not enough to be not racist, you must actively be anti racist.” • I implore you to remember — the point of AntiRacism work isn’t to make white people feel they are “doing better” in their positions of privilege and power within this immoral system— it is for them to hold themselves and their white community accountable for addressing and attacking the very system that needs to be destroyed in order for black people to stay alive and to be well. • #RevolutionNow • Head to the link in my bio to find links to all of the resources featured in the sides. I updated my Racial Justice Research Doc to include recent murders. • Support the people you are learning from. Whether it be me or my hundreds of thousands of brothers/sisters/comrades who are on the front lines physically, emotionally or intellectually. • Cashapp: $rcargle PayPal: PayPal.me/rachelcargle Venmo: @rachelcargle My non profit that provides mental health care access for Black women and girls: @thelovelandfoundation My monthly online learning platform: @thegreatunlearn

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17. Dear White Women: A letter reminding modern white women of their relationship with black women throughout history.


18. How to Talk to Your Family About Racism


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