Ways to Rock Shorts Stylishly

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If you wear shorts often, you’ll be happy to know that there are several ways to incorporate them into fashionable looks. As long as you know what you’re doing, you can wear them for all sorts of purposes, too. Unsure how to pull this off? Read on for a few ideas to help you get started.

Contrast Sporty Shorts with Feminine Apparel

If you think athletic wear only allows fortee shirts, tank tops, and sneakers, think again. You can actually try out legging shorts in a lot of different workout outfits, even pairing them with pieces that might not seem like a good match at first glance. The trick is to create a contrast between the sportiness of the shorts and the rest of your outfit.

For example, you can dress up your
legging shorts with a bright-colored blazer and heels. The mix of tailored and
sporty clothes results in a polished look that’s perfect for summer and spring.

Go the Extra Mile with a Printed Top Instead of a Plain One

While there’s nothing wrong with a solid top and a pair of shorts, this ensemble can be a little too boring at times. A printed top can upgrade your overall style by making your outfit lookmore put together. Hence, this is a great way to look nice for a casual occasion while looking like you put in a bit more effort.

Match Your Outerwear to Your Shorts

If you prefer a more coordinated
look; you can do so by wearing a jacket or a coat that’s made of the same
material as your shorts. Depending on the type of fabric your shorts are made
of, the final look can either be dressy or casual.

For example, wearing a linen blazer with linen shorts definitely leans toward the formal side of fashion. On the other hand, pairing your jean jacket with denim cut-off shorts creates a more laid-back vibe.

Statement Shorts Help Break Up the Monotony

Neutrals and solid colors are safe
options for bottoms. But in most cases, you can spice things up withshorts featuring
unique designs. Whether you choose something with bold prints or vibrant
tie-dye designs, you can brighten up any outfit in an instant.

Moreover, printed shorts give you a
wider range of possibilities when coming upwith outfits. Depending on the top
and footwear you pair with them, your ensembles can look casual or dressedup.

Invest in a Shorts Suit

While there are plenty of three-piece
suits with slacks and skirts to choose from, there’s something about the casual
elegance of a shorts suit. Indeed, shorts suits are perfect for when you want
to look polished without looking too overdone. Additionally, these outfits are
a great way to stand out.

If you want to give this ensemble a
try, get a custom-made suit to ensure an exact match for your proportions.
Feeling a bit conscious? Put on some sheer tights to cover your legs up.

Wear Silk Shorts to More Formal Events

Do you dislike wearing skirts for
special occasions? The good news is that you can opt for silk shorts instead.
They’re not as tailored as culottesbut offera flowy silhouette and length
similar to a midi skirt. Try matching them to a similarly colored blouse for a
wonderfully chic outfit that will have people turning heads at your next event.
The best part is that it won’t even be obvious that you’re wearing shorts at

Add Cozy Long Sleeves and Tights to Keep Warm

During the transitional months, it
can be hard to pull off shorts because of the colder temperatures. But that
doesn’t mean that you have to put them away entirely. All you have to do is
learn how to layer your clothes to make it work. For example,you can stay warm
but stylish by pairing your shorts with your favorite knitted top and tights.


Upgrade any drab-looking outfit by
adding interesting accessories such as jewelry, hats, belts, and bags. In some
cases, you can even make your accessories the centerpiece of your whole
ensemble. Indeed, even the plainest of clothes can appear chic when paired with
a statement bag. Wearing a big and colorful necklace can also have a similar
effect. So if you need a quick way to take ordinary pieces to the next level go
through your accessories and maximize what you already have.

Shorts are an essential wardrobe
staple that you simply can’t go without. And contrary to what some may believe,
they’re not only meant for the summer months or vacations to tropical countries.
In fact, they’re perfect for everyday wear as long as you mix and match the
right pieces with them. With these styling tips, you can make your favorite shorts
a part of any outfit, regardless of the occasion.

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