Useful tips for hair and make-up

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In this
day and age, make-up might feel indispensable for achieving certain beauty
standards, but the truth is that you don’t need it to look your best. There are
many tips and tricks women could follow in order to have better skin and hair
care, without putting too much money and effort into it.

  1. Use concealer

The most
frequent issues women feel insecure about are puffy eyes, dark circles or lines
under the eye. In order to fix these issues, using a bit of concealer in the
area underneath the eye is highly recommended. It is important to look up the
right product for your skin.

  • Use dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver for women who don’t want to spend a lot of money on hair care routines. Dry shampoo can be applied right before you leave your house, but for a maximised effect, Ashley Dawson, beauty writer at Writemyx and Next coursework, recommends using it right before going to bed. It will be absorbed into the hair and make it look freshly washed in the morning.

  • Curl your lashes

women who don’t want to use mascara but still want their lashes to pop out,
Britney Fox, lifestyle writer at Brit
student and 1Day2write, recommends using
an eyelash curler. The effect will be exactly the same, just without the mess
and the clean up necessary for mascara.

  • Wear a hat

having a bad hair day, a lot of women feel more insecure about themselves. If
you do not want to spend too much time styling your hair before going out, then
having a hat as an accessory might be the solution for you. Find a hat that
matches your clothes and your head’s shape and wear it on every occasion. Not
only you will not have to worry about your hair anymore, but people will
compliment you on your bold choice of accessorising, improving your own

  • Use face masks

One tip
for achieving a glowing skin effect is using face masks regularly. Even though
you can simply buy face masks in stores near you, making your own face masks at
home can be healthier and more rewarding. Ingredients used in natural face
masks are often easy to procure, and you can always look into what types of
ingredients work best for your skin type, or achieve your desired effect.

  • Take care of your skin

on make-up every day feels exhausting for many women. However, that does not
mean that you should ignore your skin’s health and appearance. As well finding a
short and cheap skin routine that works for your skin type can go a long way in
improving your overall health and well-being, as well as increase

  • Use subtle perfumes

If you
don’t enjoy long make-up routines before going out but still want to impress,
finding the right perfume for you could be very effective. Using subtle
fragrances is always the best, and you can apply it on your wrists to make it
last longer.

  • Make your lips look plumper

The lips
are one of the most important parts of a woman’s face, and it is important to
take care of them as well. If you want to give the impression of full, glossy
lips without wearing lip stick, there are various tricks to achieve this
illusion. The most popular one involves using a bit of highlighter: simply add
a drop of highlighter on your lower lip, as well as right above the upper lip,
on Cupid’s bow.

  • Soften your cuticles

A lot of
women struggle with nail cuticles, but not all of them have the money or
patience to go to a manicure parlour to fix this issue. If you are looking for
a cheap and easy remedy for cuticles, cuticle oil is a great addition to your
self-care bag. Simply by adding a drop on your cuticles while massaging them
will have visible effects in no time.

  1. Use nude eyeliner

eyeliner is a great tool for women who want to look invigorated after a night’s
sleep. Simply applying some on your lower waterline will brighten your eyes,
making them look wider and well-rested.

these simple self-care tips will improve your overall health and well-being,
and at the same time make you achieve the same beauty effects as if you were
putting on make-up.

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