“Tucker Carlson defends terrorists & murderers when they’re white” links

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Tucker Carlson leaves Craig's after an LA dinner date

Tucker Carlson’s defense of white terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse was as predictable as it was appalling. Carlson needs to be fired. [Towleroad]
Keanu Reeves talks about Bill & Ted. [JustJared]
Bjork is fine & flipping the bird. [OMG Blog]
Pajiba explains the Cuties controversy. [Pajiba]
The Kenosha county sheriff needs to go. I can’t emphasize that enough, Chief David Beth needs to be fired outright. He’s making this worse. [Jezebel]
Is Beyonce going to drop something new this fall? [LaineyGossip]
Do you want this Gucci tweed coat? I’m kind of meh on it. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Becki Falwell denies banging the pool boy as her husband watched. [Dlisted]
Some days I feel like the only person left in the world who still jams out to “Careless Whisper.” You guys, that song holds up!! [GFY]
Sofia Vergara can “wink” and it’s creepy. [Seriously OMG]