Tips and Tricks to Plan Your Wedding Hairstyle in 2021

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Melissa Brown wrote about love, “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale”. Marriage is a leap that two people dipped in the essence of love, takes. It is a day in both the woman and the man’s life where they want everything to be in the perfect rhyming scheme before the initiation of their lifelong poetry. From the tune of the day, to the fresh blossoms, creaseless dress to their gorgeous hair, perfection seems like a thumb rule.

The Joys of Having The Perfect Hairstyle On Your Wedding Day

It is always a bonus for a bride and groom to have a beautiful and perfect hairstyle on their wedding day. It sets the whole tune of your bridal look, also contributing to the perfect night that you have been imagining since you were a silly teenager. For both the Mr. and the Mrs., having a perfect hairstyle on your D-day will just not give those jealous cousins another topic to talk about but also create a pleasant and stylish memory. 

This wedding season, let’s meander through some fresh new hairstyles that might just set a new trend in your family this 2021! Both the bride and the groom want an elegant, beautiful and an artistic hairstyle. After all, let’s face it; there is no other option than looking the Best on your wedding day!

For men, who think that styled hair is not their cup of tea and can go ahead with any look, also  speak up when the wedding bells ring! Here are a few hairstyles for men which would do wonders on their special day.

Long and short Pompadour

The Ivy League Hairstyle

Classic Taper Cut 

Curly High Top Fade With a Full Beard

Short Smooth Waves

Taper Hairstyle with a Full Beard

For the bride, her hair has a world of its own! A rhythm and a rhyme! The style which a bride chooses for her wedding depends on too many factors. The wedding hairstyle must compliment the wedding dress. It also depends on whether she will be wearing a veil or not.

 Not to mention the weather of her wedding day also adds up to which hairstyle she should avail for the ceremony. The bride’s hair quality works as a crucial factor while choosing the hairstyle. The volume, colour and length also acts as primary factors in choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle.

It is always wise to hire a professional hairstylist on your wedding day. A nervous bride must not take the responsibility of styling her hair when the wedding pressure is kicking in.

 You and your hairstylist must go through various references and trials before closing on a particular option. Make sure you have ample days in your hand before the wedding so that you have enough time and peace of mind for the changes and the mistakes. 

Also, having a haircut before the day of your wedding is a huge mistake and this option should be kept far away from a bride’s mind. Happy hair and settled hair is what she needs before her big day. Any Kind of experimental hair treatment or colouring might end up snatching a bride’s mental peace and wedding glow! 

 A bride most importantly should be true to herself. It is not always imperative to undergo an extremely stylized hairdo just to deck up for the wedding ceremony. 

Here are some hairstyles for the 2021 wedding season that will blow all you bride-to-be’s minds!

French Twist Hair Style

Loose Waves

Half Up Half Down

Long Wedding Ponytail

Mermaid Braids

Asymmetrical Twisted Updo

Timeless Chignons

Elegant Low Bun

One Side Pinned Hair

Stylish Straight Bob

A bride’s comfort and honesty to her fashion also adds up to her glow and beauty. She should be walking down the aisle towards her man dressed and styled exactly how she is and not how she is expected to be seen!

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