Tips and tricks about hair dyes

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 If you have black or dark brown hair, you need to treat
it first with the bleaching must package.

Get the Light Gray Hair Dye Cream, its ideal for blondes who
want a modern change! Tipp: If you have brown or black hair, it’s also possible
to attain the platinum hair color, but you will also need the bleaching must

Do you like the blonde hair color? The hair is so smooth and doesn‘t have any orange or yellow shades, it’s such a classy color.

It’s the transformational purple shampoo and conditioner for
blondes. They both take away all the unattractive yellow and orange tones from
your hair, letting you like the ash blonde or silver blonde hair color.

There is something so satisfying about a detailed hairline;
the best way to maintain your blonde hair at
home?! The blonde perfecting shampoo is what you need.
-it’s great for fighting brassiness in blonde,
lightened brunette, & gray hair
-massage into hair/ leave on 3-5 minutes/rinse!
-color safe/ sulfate, paraben, phosphate free.

3 tips to the perfect hairline paint;
1-Make sure your lightener is on the thicker side to avoid it bleeding through those finer hairs, which will create spots or lines. .
2-Make sure you use a minor developer to stay away from harm/splintering on these finer hairs. Start with 10 or 20 vol and then bump up to 20 or 30 when you get to thicker hair.
3-Don’t forget to paint the bottom. If you just paint the sides, there will be a dark hole right in the back/middle when they pull their hair up.

Balayage tips;

Angling the Balayage Brush and doing a finer point in the direction of the top increases the line and creates a flawless alteration, as you keep on to make your way to the ends attach your ends and soak the ends to create utmost quantity of lift.

The pieces that don’t get painted are the areas you are leaving element, and as shown the deeper the parting or V you leave the more depth will be exposed.

The best part is you choose wear the highlights and lowlights will live.

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