Tiffany Trump cosplays Ivanka to get daddy’s attention at the 2020 RNC

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I have no idea how people can subject themselves to the Republican National Convention. I’m not watching it, but from what I’ve seen in the coverage, it’s just lie after lie, endless racism and whining. There are already some editorials about how this year’s RNC is basically a funeral service for the Republican Party. I mean… that was true as soon as Donald Trump became the nominee. Anyway, ratings are down significantly – the RNC’s first night drew in 16 million viewers compared to the DNC’s 18.7 million. For a ratings-obsessed president who only cares about what’s being said “on the teevee,” that’s important.

Just like the gun-toting McCloskeys, Nicholas Sandmann is another crisis actor/minor Republican celebrity who got to speak at the RNC. Sandmann was one of the douchey rich white boys in DC last year for the anti-choice March for Life. Sandmann and his friends decided to get in the faces of several Native American protesters and it was all caught on camera and it was ugly. Instead of apologizing, Sandmann ran to his mommy and daddy and they’re suing anyone and everyone who suggests that maybe their son is a f–king douchebag. And now Sandmann spoke at the RNC about the dangers of “cancel culture.” My f–king God.

Sandmann wasn’t the only douchebag speaking on Day 2 of the RNC. No, it was also Eric Trump’s night and Tiffany Trump’s night. Ah, the two forgotten Trumps. And by “forgotten,” I mean that their father doesn’t care about them at all and sometimes forgets their names. At least Eric didn’t look like he had just done ten lines of blow before he came out. At least he didn’t scream his speech:

And here’s Tiffany’s speech. So forgettable. It’s almost like she barely even has a relationship with her father. And yes, she wore bellbottoms. And she got Ivanka’s oversized veneers too? She also seems to be imitating Ivanka’s creepy fascist baby-whisper.

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