This Week Only: Snag 72 Online Courses (an $18,000+ Value!) for $100

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Working for yourself—as an entrepreneur, small business owner, freelancer, you name it—can be so rewarding and so incredibly challenging. You make your own rules, but you’re also in charge every step of the way. You’re doing what you love, but you’re working harder than you ever have in your life. Every tiny success feels massive and incredible and every setback feels personal and earth-shattering. The good news? You don’t have to go to it alone. 

We partnered with The Bundle Co. to offer our popular Finance 101 online course as part of The Business Bundle, a pack of 72 (!!) online courses designed to help you tackle everything from money to content creation to marketing. The full bundle is an incredible value, worth over $18,000 (seriously, $18,000!), and on sale now for $100. Each course in the bundle has been hand-selected as a resource to help you redefine your business goals and create your dream career. 


Claim all 72 courses now (an $18,000 value!) for just $100! But hurry, the offer is only available until June 9. 



Source: Social Squares

Source: Social Squares


A quick look at a few of the courses included in the bundle:


Finance 101 Online Course from The Everygirl


We created our Finance 101 online course with all the information we wish we knew about finances when we were starting out—from building a livable budget to dipping your toes into the world of investing. If you’ve ever felt lost or out of control when trying to decide the best way to handle your money, this course is for you.


The Content Lab from Jenna Kutcher


We’re huge Jenna Kutcher fans here at The Everygirl and we’re SO excited about her new course on capitalizing on your content and figuring out what to actually post to resonate with your specific audience. It’s really true that content is king, but trying to figure out what exactly you should be posting or writing about every week to amplify your business is no easy feat. In this course, Jenna shares her secrets for success and what has worked within her own biz.


Beginner Photography from Kelly Lawson


We all know the importance of great photography for you brand or business—it can help elevate your offerings and get you in front of your ideal clients, readers, and customers. But taking great photos is harder than it looks! In this course, Kelly Lawson outlines everything you need to know as a beginner looking to tackle photography and shares tips and tricks on utilizing great images within your business. 


PodcastPro eBook from Almost 30 Podcast


Who among us hasn’t thought, “Maybe I should start a podcast”? Podcasting is blowing up lately, with tons of opportunities for cross promotion and amplifying your business and message. This course from podcast fave Almost 30 covers everything you need to know to get started with podcasting, from where to host your audio files to what microphone to get to how to market. 



Source: Social Squares



All of this plus 68 other courses, all for just $100! 

Get the full scoop on every course included here. Be sure to claim your bundle by June 9, because this amazing price is only on the table for eight days.



We can’t wait to see what you create with these powerhouse resources! Follow us over @theeverygirlcourses on Instagram and share which course you’re the most excited to start. Plus, more info on future course releases from The Everygirl—we’ve got tons of amazing content in the works for you.


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