This New Supplement Could Slow Down the Effects of Aging on Your Brain

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If you’re over 40, you’ve probably experienced what’s often jokingly referred to as a “senior moment.” Maybe the word you want is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite say it, or you spend half an hour searching for your glasses when they’re perched on top of your head. But all joking aside, did you know that these frustrating incidents could actually be due to brain atrophy?

It sounds so terrible — “brain atrophy” — but in fact, it’s a natural consequence of getting older. (And as my grandfather always said, “getting older sure beats the alternative!”)

What is brain atrophy?

We may be kidding when we talk about someone having a “big brain” when they solve a problem or do well on a test. But the size and weight of our brains really does make a difference to our daily functioning. Things like memory, learning, motor control, balance, and coordination are all directly impacted by brain volume. Unfortunately, during the course of adulthood, even the healthiest among us lose up to 20 percent of our brain volume. That’s a lot of gray matter!

And speaking of matter, that’s the name of a new supplement from Elysium Health that aims to help prevent brain atrophy and keep us sharp well into our golden years. Matter (From $40, Elysium Health), is a daily supplement developed by researchers at the University of Oxford, and it could make “senior moments” a thing of the past.

What makes Matter different?

Matter’s proprietary formula combines easy-to-absorb omega-3 fatty acids with a B-vitamin complex that’s patented to reduce age-related brain matter atrophy associated with memory decline by as much as 86 percent.

Things like poor eating habits, trouble sleeping, and a sedentary lifestyle (all things that the pandemic hasn’t helped with!) can speed up brain atrophy. So there couldn’t be a better time for Elysium Health to introduce Matter.

They also have two other products aimed at keeping us young: Basis (From $40, Elysium Health), a supplement that supports healthy aging of cells, and Index ($499, Elysium Health), an at-home “spit in a tube” test that tells you how fast your cells are aging. You may feel young at heart, but how young are your cells? Index will tell you!

Want to keep your brain sharp as long as possible — and stop searching for your glasses (and the right words)? Elysium Health may have just what you need.

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elysium health

matter brain atrophy supplements

Elysium Health

Where to buy: From $40, Elysium Health

  • Features an innovative B-vitamin complex patented by Oxford to slow age-related brain atrophy associated with cognitive decline.
  • Slows grey matter atrophy in regions of the brain important for learning and memory by up to 86 percent.
  • Includes a unique omega-3 with enhanced bioavailability and antioxidants called anthocyanins, which support cognitive function.


Elysium health

basis supplements

Elysium Health

Where to buy: From $40, Elysium Health

  • Developed by MIT scientist Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.
  • Promotes a healthy cellular aging process.
  • Activates sirtuins, which play a key role in cellular health.
  • Supports cellular energy and helps maintain healthy DNA.
  • Maintain hundreds of integral processes in your cells.


elysium health

index test

Elysium Health

Where to buy: $499, Elysium Health

  • Developed to track how fast you’ve been aging using the latest technology in the science of epigenetics.
  • Determines your biological age — a measure of the average age at which your body is expected to function.
  • Tells you your cumulative rate of aging, or the pace at which your body has aged for every year you’ve been alive.
  • Offers science-backed lifestyle recommendations you can use to adopt healthier habits.
  • Basis subscribers qualify for special pricing starting at $299.

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