The Trump campaign left supporters stranded in the dark in Omaha

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It’s always said that in the last week of an election, it’s not about convincing swing voters or changing hearts and minds. It’s about turnout. It’s about convincing every single registered voter to cast their ballot. Which is why candidates will often do a blitz of appearances in swing states AND states where they just need to convince their voters to turn out, even if everyone knows they’re solidly Republican or solidly Democratic. That being said, it’s kind of a strange move for Trump to be in NEBRASKA on the Tuesday before Election Day. Nebraska is solidly red. Nebraska has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in my lifetime. Trump doesn’t even need to worry about turning out the vote in Nebraska. So why was he there?

So, yeah, Trump threw himself a lil’ Nazi rally in Omaha last night. He actually made two campaign stops, one in Lansing, Michigan and one in Omaha. Michigan is a legit swing state. I’m sure there were probably a million lines which would have outraged me, but these are the ones I’m choosing to focus on:

Just the 1950s vibe of “we’re getting your husbands back to work” especially with record numbers of women losing their jobs during the pandemic… holy sh-t. As for “vanquish the vaccine…” he really struggles to say anything about the pandemic. My God.

Anyway, after his lil’ Nazi rally was over in Omaha, Trump waddled back to Air Force One and got the f–k out of Nebraska. Leaving “thousands” of supporters stranded in the dark, miles away from their cars, in what was apparently blistering cold. Elderly people ended up in the hospital.

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