The must have clothing items in your wardrobe

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Having various tops in your
wardrobe is a great way to enhance your look. Also, it is an act of self-love
and upgrading your style. More importantly, ensure that you know your body shape
before choosing tops to add to your wardrobe. Through this, you will avoid any
unwanted purchases and get tops that fit you perfectly.

Just give a wild guess to how
many types of tops you have and how many types you know. Because from the ones
you know, there will be probably half of them in your wardrobe and some might
still be missing from it. The reason is quite apparent that as there are many
tops for women, some might look blunt on you while suit someone else depending
on the body features. Here are seven tops you can add in your wardrobe as they
are suitable for every body type.

  1. Crop top 

Among many tops waiting for you, the crop top is the first one on the list. It is the top that every woman is crushing on, especially those with a toned body. Both young and old women love the crop top as it is an elegant piece that is bound to stay in fashion world for a long time. You can pair it with jeans, skirts, and shorts as well. You can also pair it on top of a dress as it still looks great in this combination.
Complete the look with nice shoes to rock with your crop top ensemble. 

  • Ruffled top 

A ruffled top is a trendy piece to have in your wardrobe. As the name states, this top has ruffles in most instances on the front and arm part. However, now many designers are experimenting with ruffles everywhere, and it looks unique and fashionable. The beauty of ruffles is that they give an elegant and stylish look to the wearer. Grab a ruffle top to add to your wardrobe as they are here to stay in the fashion market for a long time.

Belted top 

As you choose the right style for women’s tops, do not forget to add a belted top to your wardrobe. Fashionistas and top designers all over the world are rocking this style. It gives a visible look in the streets and runways as well. As the name suggests, it has a belt-like element below the bust line. Wear the belt that is of the same fabric or something else. This top is ideal as formal wear with flared pants or straight pants for an overall chic look.


The loose-fitting tunic that falls to the hip is a must-have top in your wardrobe. It looks similar to a short Indian Kurti due to the cuts it has on the sides. Wear this tunic as formal and casual wear depending on the material. For instance, for a casual look, viscose, and cotton tunics are best. Plus, pair it with slim-fitting regular denim or skirts for a flattering look.

  • Kaftan top 

A kaftan top is popular in the streets. It is a comfortable top, and it will be best if you have many of them. You can pair them with jeggings, slim-fitting denim, and leggings. Kaftans are available in multiple lengths, and you can choose one that favors you. For instance, you can choose a kaftan top to help cover the bulge around the waistline as this top is flowy and loose. You can also wear the kaftan top as a beach cover-up or on top of the swimsuits during summers.

  • Tank tops 

Tank tops will create a versatile outfit option if you add them to your wardrobe. Also, they are every woman’s summer essential and come with thin strips of straps. The straps can be either narrow or wide with thin ribbons or riffles. It is an ideal top for hot weather, and you can layer it with jackets and sweaters during cold weather. 

  • Peplum tops 

Do you want to conceal the bulge around your stomach line? Choose the peplum top as it has a flare around the stomach line. If you have a pear or apple shape body, then peplum top is a must-have top in your wardrobe. Peplum tops are also suitable for women with an hourglass body shape. You can wear this peplum top to a lunch date or casual gatherings. Peplum tops with sleeves offer an excellent look for office wear when paired with straight pants or skirts.

To sum up, the above-mentioned
types of tops will help you carry unique looks on various occasions. Still, you
should always check your body type and style before adding any top to your
collection. Other tops that you can consider to add are halter top, tie front
top, tube top and wrap tops.

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This article was written by guest author Kedar Bhoir.

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