The 7 Best Keto Cookbooks For Weight Loss in 2020

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With so many diet guides on the internet, it’s not easy to find the best keto cookbooks without reading hundreds of reviews and spending hours sifting through keto diet recipes. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The Keto diet (aka ketogenic diet) is one of the most popular around, mainly because women who stick to it are seeing real weight loss results, sometimes losing up to 22 pounds in nine days!

The gist of Keto is to replace carbs with fats. This nutrient swap puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis, which turns your metabolism into a fat-burning machine.

The results go far beyond weight loss. Keto dieters are seeing benefits like lower blood sugar, better digestive health, and even a lower blood pressure. And while there are also side effects to Keto (mainly to your hormones and periods), your body will eventually settle into its new metabolic state.

We’ve found keto cookbooks with recipes that are easy, fast, and use ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Scroll to find the ketogenic cookbook that’s right for you.

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The Keto Diet: The Complete Guide to a High-Fat Diet

Best Keto cookbook with meal plan 

best keto cookbooks

$8 (was $34.99), Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Over 125 healthy and delicious recipes
  • Five 28-day meal plans
  • Yes/no food lists

Learning the ins and outs of a new diet can be daunting (which is why we’re more likely to quit before we ever really get started). This ketogenic cookbook makes it easy to get going with a handy guide and five meal plans to choose from. And with delicious Keto recipes like Bacon-Wrapped Mini Meatloaf, Chicken Pot Pie, and Chocolate-Covered Coffee Bites, you won’t even know you’re on a diet!

Promising review: “My daughter has been doing a ketogenic diet, and I decided to help her. I found this book that is absolutely amazing. It has the best explanation of how the program works, and also outlines 5 different paths you can take – understanding that it isn’t a one size fits all. Based on heath conditions, you can find the right path for you. It also has meal plans and great recipes. I was feeling overwhelmed before but this book makes me feel I can succeed.”

Keto Diet Cookbook For Beginners: 550 Recipes For Busy People on Keto Diet

Best Keto cookbook for beginners 

best keto cookbooks for beginners

$17.90, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Uses simple ingredients
  • 550 keto recipes
  • Quick and easy meals

Whether you’re new to the Keto diet or aren’t comfortable in the kitchen [author slowly raises her hand], this Keto cookbook for beginners will assuage all your fears. With an average of 4.3/5 stars and more than 2,200 Amazon reviews, it’s pretty much certain you can’t mess up the keto recipes in this cookbook.

Promising review: “If anyone has ever tried the Keto diet, it can be incredibly tough. Finding foods that are low and carbs and taste good was very difficult. I was so close to just stopping the diet because I literally hated almost everything I was eating. Then, it clicked, I bet someone out there had these same thoughts. After looking around I finally found this cookbook. My goodness, this one is a life saver. It has a plethora of different recipes that use SIMPLE ingredients. I am not about to waste $50 on spices that I will only use once. The recipes I have tried so far were easy to make and tasted great. I am glad that I found this cookbook or I really would’ve given up on this diet…”

Best Keto cookbook for Instant Pot
The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook: Ketogenic Diet Pressure Cooker Recipes Made Easy and Fast

Best Keto cookbook for Instant Pot

best keto instant pot cookbooks

$9.76, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • More than 65 quick recipes
  • Includes basic Keto guidelines
  • Instant Pot cooking tips

Instant Pots are the best, aren’t they? (We love ours so much we dress them up!) This Keto Instant Pot cookbook will make sticking to your diet a breeze, allowing you to get a delicious, healthy meal on the table in 30 minutes. Bonus: Your family will love them, too!

Promising review: “New to Keto and just the intro alone will give you a broad idea about the diet/way of eating. I have been poring over the book, will be cooking some dishes this weekend, can’t wait. This is not your simple American dump recipes. But they aren’t hard either! Very tasty. I see there are a few key ingredients and some unique ingredients. But hey I think we can all agree “diets” can be boring. This doesn’t even remind me of my goal to lose weight. I have cooked previous recipes of hers. Easy, simple and delish. You have nothing to lose and happy tastebuds to gain!”

Keto Dessert Cookbook 2020: 250 Quick & Easy, Sugar-free, Ketogenic Bombs, Cakes & Sweets to Shed Weight, Lower Cholesterol & Boost Energy

Best Keto sweet treats cookbook 

best keto desserts cookbooks

$13.95, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • 250 super easy-to-make recipes
  • Details the amazing benefits of the keto diet
  • Chocolate-covered cheesecake bites…need we say more?

Did you think you had to skip dessert because you’re on the low-carb Keto diet? Think again! This Keto dessert cookbook features more than 250 sweet treats like Maple Walnut Fudge Cups, Coconut Custard Pie, and Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies. Author Fiona Griffith, we thank you.

Promising review: “The intro of this book is great because it goes through the basics of sweeteners, baking items etc. Having a recipe book with just desserts is actually nice. I pick out recipes a lot faster and we LOVE them all! This does a great job giving macros, uses basic ingredients, and great recipes! And, it’s a great gift!!”

The Southern Keto Cookbook: 100 High-Fat, Low-Carb Recipes for Classic Comfort Food

Best Southern Keto cookbook 

best southern keto cookbooks

$12.65, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Classic southern comfort food
  • Substitution tips throughout
  • Macro calculations on every recipe

Just because you’re on the Keto diet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love of comfort food. This cookbook offers delicious twists on classic southern fare, with mouthwatering recipes like Smothered Sour Cream Chicken Thighs and Sheet Pan Seafood Boil.

Promising review: I just received the Southern Keto cookbook today, I sat for an hour thumbing through all of the awesome recipes! I think I could make every one, they all sound wonderful. Too often I get a cookbook and there are maybe two or three recipes I would actually make. This book I could see myself making almost every single one. The look easy enough with no strange ingredients. I follow Emily Bailey online at Texas granola Girl and love her recipes! I have been keto for a couple years and we all need inspiration but need recipes that are reasonable to make. Emily hits the ball out of the park. Love this book!”

Ketotarian: The (Mostly) Plant-Based Plan to Burn Fat, Boost Your Energy, Crush Your Cravings, and Calm Inflammation: A Cookbook

Best Keto cookbook for vegetarians

best vegetarian keto cookbooks

$10.99, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • More than 75 Keto vegetarian recipes
  • Tips to manage macronutrients and balance electrolytes
  • Plant-centric plates

If you’re looking to go beyond weight loss and also improve your overall health, this is the Keto cookbook for you. Packed with vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian recipes that are easy to prepare, this cookbook’s plant-based meals can help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and ward off chronic health problems like Alzheimer’s and some cancers.

Promising review: “I waited a few months to write a review as I wanted to see if a difference would be seen in my blood work. I have been using the recipes since January. In September of 2018 I had my cholesterol checked and total was over 600 and [I was] unwilling to go the medicine route [with] blockers. Now, three months after eating by Dr. Cole’s lessons, my total cholesterol levels are at 208! … The recipes are tasty enough that my carb loving hubs hasn’t noticed the changes in our “side dishes” & (he doesn’t know why) he’s lost 10 pounds. The illustrations are beautiful, I can even make mine look great too.. The meal plans are such a help. If you’re willing to give it a good try, this is worth the buy!”

Keto Diet Cookbook for Women after 50: The Ultimate Guide Book Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle for Seniors

Best Keto Cookbook for Women Over 50

best keto cookbooks for seniors

$14.57, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Keto for menopausal women
  • List of foods to eat and avoid
  • Over 80 keto recipes for seniors

Women over 50 experiencing perimenopause symptoms (or those already in menopause) require specialty vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. This cookbook is designed to meet those dietary needs, with Keto recipes that balance hormones and boost metabolism while allowing for maximum weight loss.

Promising review: “If I could give this book 6 stars, I would. Nigel somehow made my transition to Keto the easiest, and BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. My family gobbles up her meals with no leftovers to spare! Don’t waste a second trying to decide. BUY. THIS. BOOK.”

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