Prince Harry & Meghan will host a ‘curated’ Time 100 Talks episode this week

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have “specially curated” a Time 100 Talks episode. The “Time 100” list is a list of the most important and influential people in the world. While Harry and Meghan didn’t make this year’s list, they are Time 100 alumni, which is why they did that video where they encouraged people to vote and reject hate speech, a video for which they are still being berated today. Anyway, the Time100 Talks episode will feature Alexis Ohanian, Maria Ressa, Tristan Harris, Rachel Cargle, Safiya Noble and more. The theme of the episode is “Engineering A Better World” and it will be about the state of our digital experience and “how we can create online communities that are more compassionate, safe, and trustworthy.” It will air on October 20th.

For the announcement, Time published new photos of Harry and Meghan taken by Matt Sayles. I have no idea where these photos were taken, but they’re great. The Daily Mail had an exhaustive breakdown of what they were wearing, which I find hilarious for some reason. I mean, it’s JUST a photo. For Time Magazine! But no, we need an exhaustive catalogue of how much Meghan’s outfit costs. It seems like she’s rewearing an Alexander McQueen Grain de Poudre suit which retails for about $2800 (good thing she’s rewearing it!). She also wore her late mother-in-law’s Cartier tank watch, which was one of Diana’s favorite pieces (it was given to her by her father) and which Harry seems to have gifted to Meghan. Meghan also wore her diamond engagement ring (how dare she!!) and her Cartier Love Bracelet, which is super-popular with celebrities.

Also: Meghan’s hair is crazy-long! Girl, same! No one is getting haircuts these days, not even Meg. Anyway, can’t wait to see You Know Who wear a black suit with a white t-shirt underneath. She’ll probably find a Cartier tank watch too.

People can register for the Time100 episode (although the tweet below gives the wrong date).

Photos courtesy of Matt Sayles at Time Magazine.