Platinum blonde tones and icy blue silver hair styles

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If your heart is set on rocking the highly-coveted platinum blonde hair dye but worried how it’ll turn out, don’t worry, we got you covered. Unique for its reduced bright blonde pigment with a shade cooler like ash, silver, metallic and pearl, there is a variety of platinum blonde tones to match a lot of preferences and versatile skin tones.

Though platinum blonde might seem pretty glaring to determine, it comes as no surprise, as is the case with the myriads of shades under one color, there’re different variations.

Be it icy, bluish, or ivory white hue there’re practically a
blend of platinum blonde tones suitable for every skin tone. To get a
guaranteed whitest shade of blonde is to accurately identify your skin tone not
skin color. Skin tones are cool, warm, or neutral whereas skin colors are dark,
olive and light skin. The aim is matching your platinum to your skin tone.

Seek professional help if you’re not sure. Generally,
metallic platinum blonde hair colors such as icy blue and silver as well as
ashy pale blonde hues suit best those of a cool skin tone. And if you’re of a
neutral skin tone, you’re lucky as any of the platinum pigments can be
flattering with you. Warm-toned skin would best opt for light rosy blonde, pale
strawberry and bright honey hues.

First and foremost, take some tips on how to ensure a platinum blonde hair hue at its best. Remember to allow your hair to be stripped of any previous hair dye.

A hair color remover can be of assistance to avoid unnecessary in-between hair dyes periods. And if you are more of anti-bleach kind of person there’s no way out of it when it comes to the obvious BLEACH blonde hair! Beware not to put your hopes high looking at a one session color change. Depending on your how dark is your hair, this would determine how many sessions you’re about to take.

For a celebrity-inspired hair look, opt for a multi-platinum
status and style your hair in a lustrous thick ponytail. Or opt for
modern-looking hair of an icy-hued choppy lob. Platinum roots can create a halo
of brightness for a dreamy-like vibe. Enjoy the laid back glam of a platinum

Take your hair to the next level with luscious and
sensational platinum blonde. Below, check more bleach blonde hair looks and
immerse yourself in the limelight garnered through sporting sparkling
super-light blonde.

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