New hair styling ideas after quarantine

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In light of the long period of shutdown and staying at home, you’re probably in need of fixing split ends, unmaintained hair, shaggy sideburns, botched DIY jobs or overgrown roots as far as coloring goes. As limited re-openings are due during these coming weeks, one might consider a visit to the hair salon.

But first and foremost for safety and in order to minimize the risk of going out during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, make sure that you pick a trustworthy hair salon that applies the utmost precautionary measures, strict sanitation rules and social distancing.
If you’re planning on making a strong comeback hairstyle, there are a lot of exquisite haircuts and tempting dyes from which to pick a favorite. To add intrigue and interest to your hairstyle, a Balayage is still amongst the huge trending looks of 2020 that offer numerous options. You can go for a subtle natural looking Balayage that’ll allow your roots to grow out smoothly and minimize your visits to the hair salon.

Be it silver blonde, caramel, or brown shades a Balayage will add the defining light to any hair length or face shape with mask on.
  If you’ve been unlucky with a self-styled “corona cut” a shorter haircut can save the day. Bearing in mind your hair texture and face shape, a blunt cut with blunt bangs is one cute and feminine look to consider.

A finger-wave bob in copper hair color is another dreamy and delicate hairstyle. To frame your face flatteringly, transition to a modern textured A-line bob and style it in a sleek and straight look.
          The simplest tricks can go a long way without having to chop your lovely strands. A deep side parted bob will upgrade a standard lob featuring beachy waves.

Freshen up your long hair ends with slight chops and go for lighter-toned strands. Or go all the way with a complete amazing transformation, opting for a classic bob. Elevate this look by curling under the ends for a little extra shape and movement to the cut.
Medium length haircuts are predicted to be a big go-to style for 2020.

Feathered layers and a retro center part are amongst the ultra-flattering features for various hair lengths and cuts from short pixie to a layered bob.

 Once again weigh in how matters are in your country before heading out and taking the risk. It’s always “Better safe than sorry”. In the meantime, solace yourself with checking fresh-looking haircuts and trending hair colors that’ll be a strong comeback look at better and safer times.

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