“Mark Ruffalo got a fluffy little kitten named Biscotti Ruffalo” links

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Dark Waters Photocall

Mark Ruffalo got a kitten named Biscotti & I have to tell you, I’m pretty sure Biscotti Ruffalo is our new overlord. [Buzzfeed]
The rise of the himbo! Except… when did himbos ever go out of style? It feels like we’re living in a world built for himbos. [Jezebel]
A great review of Miss Juneteenth (a Sundance hit). [Pajiba]
Liz Hurley mourns the loss of her ex Steve Bing. [JustJared]
Oh hello Ralph Fiennes, what are you up to?? [Tom & Lorenzo]
Henry Winkler can drink a glass of water with one hand too. [Dlisted]
Donald Trump whines about SCOTUS. [Towleroad]
I liked this on Blake Lively in 2016 and I like it now. [GFY]