In lights of suicides within the industry, Juhi Parmar bats for making mental health a priority

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Actress Juhi Parmar embraces a subject which currently needs most attention to, and that is mental health!

In a very openly candid must watch video, Juhi speaks about the internal mental battle, which in times like these is definitely a tough place to be in!

With the current rise in unfortunate situations like suicides within the industry itself, Juhi questions why only physical health and wellbeing is considered important, when mental health is what should be ideally prioritized in equality to being physically fit!

Juhi also emphasizes on the fact that what matters the most right now is to be a listening ear for anyone who wants to speak about what’s on their mind! As there could be no greater gift than being a good listener for those who need one!

Here’s what Juhi expressed about her thoughts on the same for the video! “Happy, Sad, Angry, Frustrated….so many emotions which we go through as humans!  But yes the battle, and the internal battle especially is not easy.  With some unfortunate incidents of suicides in our industry due to the current situation, we all are left to question that while physical well being is important so is #MentalHealth.  Here I am speaking about my thoughts and I would say if there’s one thing that matters most is, speak it out and for all of us who can give a listening ear, that in itself is a huge gift!  #WeMustFightThis,” she wrote.

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