Hrithik Roshan to have four roles in Krrish 4? Fake news says Rakesh Roshan

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A report recently stated that Hrithik Roshan plays four roles in Krrish 4 had the actor’s fans agog. Sorry to disappoint. But, this has turned out to be fake news.

Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, Krrish creator and director Rakesh Roshan said, “Journalists have a lot of time these days to think up screenplay ideas at home. This is just a rumour, like many rumours about Krrish 4. There is absolutely no truth to it. The script is in the process of evolving. It is still very early. When we do lock in on certain specifics in the plot, I’ll share them with you.”

Krrish 4 has been on anvil for almost two years now. In the interim producer-director, Rakesh Roshan fell seriously ill, and Krrish 4 got pushed ahead. But, the script is expected to to be completed by the end of this year. Krrish 4 will roll in the second-half of 2021.

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