How to style the Burkini swimming suits

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Facts check: every woman has the right to wear whatever she
likes. Consequently, every woman has that same right to swim and enjoy the
surf, sun and sand -or pool for all that matters- regardless of race, religion,
size or color.

 Ever since the appearance
of Burkini in 2004, there’s been an ongoing spark of controversy as much as an
ever-growing popularity amidst contradicting views. For another fact check;
fashion-wise, burkinis are getting more popular as more leading sportswear
brands and retailers market them. A female wearing a burkini is no longer a
novel thing. It’s not just a Muslim garb but is a trending water-friendly wet
suit for those who seek sun safe garments, skin protection, or simply a modest

So, let’s not delve into too much of social media unproductive
talk and ignore the strange mindset insisting that women should wear revealing
swimwear against their will, claiming it’s for hygiene reasons.

 In this modern age, there’re a time and a place to make the efforts to integrate all and not exclude a few. Enough of talk, the sun and tropical season call upon us for amazing vacation times, and let’s not forget, in the age of social distancing precautions.
As you go prepping your vacation wear, a stylish burkini swimsuit takes most of the attention.

Versify your burkini swimsuit collection for this summer, adding a splash of eye-catching colors, glam accents and trending prints. Deep sea blue, light gray and pink coral color blocks are only a few of the highly trending color themes.

Burkini swimsuits offer an array of sustainable designs and
affordable styles. Major sportswear brands offer water friendly full coverage
burkinis, invest in a high-quality burkini as win-win pieces for both your
vacation wear and active wear.

Get the sporty look opting for a color block two-piece burkini
in lightweight, quick drying swimwear fabric that offer sun protection which
will be ideal at the pool, beach or the gym. A swim sport bra, or a burkini top
with an under-wire offer free and flexible movement as you go swimming.

Be a classy lady with a super modern 4-piece burkini swimsuit that include a fitted navy and white stripe body suit with front zip, swim leggings, detachable swim skirt and a chic fitted swim cap with ruche detailing. Rock a 3-piece burkini swimsuit of a long swim top for extra coverage, contrast neck panel, secure fit leggings and a fitted swim turban.

Stand out with a cute girly burkini style with a tropical patterned top, a geometrical and floral embroidered top or a rhinestones embellished frock.
Go indulge yourself with cute chic looking burkini styles to rock this summer. Scroll down and get cool inspiration, trendy girls.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Reham selim.

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