Get Rock-Hard Abs with 4 Moves

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No equipment needed! All you need for this workout is some motivation, good music and determination. The best part? You can easily get rock-hard abs from this bodyweight workout in only 20 minutes!

Join me and trainer Gideon Akande as we show you four bodyweight moves that you can do right from home, right now!

You ready? How you do it:

Set a timer to have a running clock. Make sure it will be visible to you at all times. Set the timer for 20 minutes. Perform each move for 30 seconds

Rest: 20 seconds in between moves

That’s it!

Keep rotating through the four moves until that timer says 20 minutes! You will be sweating, smiling and happy you did this 20-minute bodyweight workout!

The moves:
Lateral to Reverse Lunge Combo
Typewriter to Burpee
Kick Through Push-Ups

Be sure to regress where needed. Stay in control, stay safe and break a sweat, baby!

Chase it!