Fascist Donald Trump terrorizes Joe Biden, Chris Wallace & America in first debate

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I watched five minutes of last night’s “presidential” debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, then I turned it off and went to bed. Life’s too short and it’s called self-care. In those five minutes, I was actually worried that a totally different Trump was going to show up for the entire 90 minutes. I remembered how strange he acted during the debates with Hillary Clinton – he was genuinely afraid of her, and while he spouted tons of lies in those 2016 debates, Hillary kept her cool and largely, so did Trump. I worried that Trump would simply stand back and let Biden yammer and talk himself into corners. Yeah. That didn’t happen. Trump kept interrupting Biden, and Trump kept sh-t 100% bonkers.

Fun fact: did you know that Trump’s precondition for turning up to the debate was that Chris Wallace wouldn’t talk about the 206,000 Americans dead from the coronavirus? Apparently, another precondition was a far-right smear campaign throughout the day that Biden would use drugs AND an earpiece during the debate. Asinine. Anyhoodle, here are some “highlights.”

“Will you shut up, man?” THE MALARKEY OF IT ALL. Yeah, this was a total sh-tshow. I guess some of the biggest moments were these:

Joe Biden tried to speak about his late son Beau Biden, a wonderful man who served his country in uniform and as an elected official in Delaware: “My son was in Iraq. He spent a year there. He was not a loser, he was a patriot and the people left behind there are heroes.” Then Trump interrupted Biden to smear his other son.

Trump also refused to condemn violent white supremacists and he told the white supremacist terrorist group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

And it will just be nice to see a healthy marriage between two people who adore each other in the White House again.


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