Duchess Kate wears a button-y Suzannah & an Amaia mask for a Baby Bank visit

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How interesting that after a week and a half of staycation-ing (Top CEO-style), the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out on August 4, the Duchess of Sussex’s birthday. Not obvious at all! But I have some begrudging credit to give Kate and her staff: after nine long, hard, Top CEO years, Kensington Palace has finally figured out what Kate should “do,” especially since everyone seems to agree that the Struggle Survey was dead on arrival. They’ve been hitting it out of the park with these incredibly stage-managed events in quarantine, with no media scrum waiting and just the in-house photographer and videographer documenting Kate’s events now. They’ve also been giving Kate some easy projects: endorsing a program she had nothing to do with, going to a tree nursery and “planting” a tree. And now this: Kate went to a baby bank and briefly helped box up some baby supplies for low-income families. Not only that, but Kate took credit for personally (??) calling up businesses and asking them to donate items to the baby bank:

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed how she has been left in tears after hearing the stories of families coping amid the coronavirus pandemic during a visit to a baby bank in Sheffield on Tuesday. Kate – who sported a £15 reusable cotton floral face mask from London-based label Amaia – spoke of how she went home and wept after visiting a baby bank helping vulnerable families at the start of lockdown.

‘It can get very emotional,’ she said. ‘I remember a couple of the families I met from King’s Lynn and I went home and literally burst into tears, their stories were so moving. The struggles they have gone through, the bravery they have shown…in extraordinary circumstances. Helping their families through extraordinary times.’

The mother-of-three, 38, who cut a stylish figure in an elegant white £1850 dress by Suzannah, was talking on a visit to a Baby Basics UK, to launch a new initiative she has spearheaded, getting 19 major UK retailers and brands to donate more than 10,000 new items to more than 40 baby banks across the UK. Baby Banks are a crucial nationwide service, run by volunteers, helping to support some of the most vulnerable families in the UK by providing essentials such as nappies, clothing and bedding.

The banks have proved to be a lifeline for many struggling parents during the coronavirus crisis, but have found their services under increasing pressure, both as a result of demand and because they have been unable to accept second-hand donations on health and safety grounds. Hearing of this, Kate – who has also previously visited Baby Basics in West Norfolk the start of the crisis – decided to put out feelers for donations from brands and high street retailers. In all, she has persuaded nineteen brands to donate more than 10,000 items to Baby Basics, Little Village and AberNecessities, who operate more than 40 baby banks across the UK.

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean… good for her, I suppose. Whenever there’s a rare Cambridge event which seems really smart and like it completely suits Kate’s image and interests, I’m always left wondering why she doesn’t do more of those kinds of events. Like, seriously, this kind of thing is exactly what she should be doing all the time. So why isn’t she?

As for the style and the mask… I immediately remembered this Suzannah from last year’s Wimbledon, which she wore to watch Harriet Dart and Roger Federer. So, it’s a rare repeat in a summer full of new looks from Kate. She did some serious online shopping during lockdown but she pulled out a button-slathered Wimbledon favorite for this event. As for the mask… it’s literally August and this is the first time we’ve seen her wear a mask at an event. As the video shows (below), she didn’t even want to wear the mask upon her arrival. She walked into the baby bank without the mask.

PS… The wiglet “line” in the YouTube video, OMFG!!!

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Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace’s social media.

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