Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally was sad & sparse, Tik Tokers & K-Pop stans pranked them

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For weeks, we’ve been hearing about Donald Trump’s big return to Nazi-rallying. It was said that he was so bored with life in the White House, under mild quarantine, and he really missed being able to feed on the unhinged energy from a crowd of white supremacist morons. He originally scheduled his first rally in three months for Juneteenth in Tulsa, the site of one of the worst hate crimes perpetrated on the Black community in America’s history. He ended up changing the date to the 20th. His campaign manager Brad Pascale kept telling everyone that there was such a high demand for tickets to Trump’s bigly Nazi rally, that they had hundreds of thousands of people scheduled to attend, all in the middle of a deadly pandemic in which Oklahoma’s coronavirus cases were spiking. It was all a perfect storm.

The day started out much as people expected – loud, maskless white people in MAGA shirts gathering in Tulsa. The cops pulled one woman out of the line – she had a ticket for the rally – and arrested her, possibly because she wore an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt. Then people got into the 19,000-seat arena and… the whole place wasn’t even close to being half-full. The campaign expected overflow, and had prepared an outdoor space for the people who couldn’t get in. They ended up breaking down that space during Trump’s speech. The campaign was sending out SOSs to bigly supporters that they should come to Tulsa just minutes before Trump spoke. And then Trump spoke.

Things Trump said during his speech: he said he slowed down testing because he didn’t want high numbers. He called the coronavirus “Kung Flu,” one of the dumbest, most racist things I’ve ever heard. He also drank a glass of water with one hand (to own the libs) and spoke (again) about how he could barely walk down a ramp.

As for the turnout, the Tik Tokers and K-Pop stans apparently united in pranking the campaign – they organized around the country (probably around the world) to grab tickets to the Tulsa rally and overinflate the campaign’s expected crowd numbers and then none of them showed up. Trump was reportedly FURIOUS about the (lack of) crowd size. The teens had a really good plan too – they organized under the radar, first posting their TikToks and then deleting them after a day, and organizing the effort over Zoom. K-Pop stans have been social-justice organizing all this time, and they’ve been doing amazing work on behalf Black Lives Matter. The children truly are our future.

Not only that, the MAGA Nazis have pissed off the ghost of Tom Petty.

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