Brooke’s Story | RAW session at Duluth Boudoir Photography

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What single word do you most identify with?


Brooke was a applicant that was accepted for a RAW session. She willingly and openly has expressed her story to me and for all of you to read. RESPECT that. All these amazing woman have opened their door to and trusted us to be their stories keeper. To let them be heard.. to not feel alone. I highly suggest listening to the song while you look through the images.

I wrote in for a RAW session with a lot of anxiety, and a lot of thoughts about my body, my life, and how far i’ve come. My life has had consistent ups and downs and i’ve struggled a lot in the past with body image. I have come very far and learned how to love my “mom bod”. I soon realized that as i aged, people would need to rely on me more and i began putting everyone and everything first. I didn’t want to be a mother who lost herself in the mix of life, so I began trying to incorporate things for myself again.  Throughout that journey i’ve had a lot of big things happen, but at the end of the day i’ve realized I am both a caring and a giving person. That to me is one of the most beautiful things a person can be. 

Brooke Dahl 3.jpg

Through this whole life of mine I have started to realize that MY body is the one who is able to care for the people that I love. MY body is the one who carried my two children. MY body is what is keeping me going. 

My “why” is me. I needed this for me. To regain myself, take care of myself and accept and love myself. 

P.S. thank you so much emily for the entire experience. i didn’t realize how much i truly needed this. 

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