Adele wore Bantu knots & a Jamaican-flag bikini and it’s ‘controversial’

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Adele is still in or around LA, I believe. She’s spent much of the pandemic locked down in California with her son, losing a dramatic amount of weight and watching Black is King on Disney-plus. So, Adele is missing the UK. She’s missing London. She’s missing the Notting Hill Carnival, a festival held annually in London to celebrate Caribbean and Black culture in the UK. The carnival was cancelled this year because of the pandemic, the first cancellation in its 50-year history. The carnival went online and people were apparently posting photos from past years, or photos of themselves celebrating this year. I would assume (??) these are photos from last year, although I have no idea.

It’s not for me to say whether Adele’s Jamaican-flag bikini top and Bantu knots are offensive or cultural appropriation. I do know that people were having a f–king field day with this photo, and some people were offended and some people weren’t. There were a lot of Jamaicans who were like “this is fine, we love Adele.” There were some Black people who were like “nope, this is wrong.” But most people just wanted to make Chet Haze jokes (Chet Haze is a cultural-appropriation king who sometimes speaks in Patois out of nowhere).

Photos, videos courtesy of social media.