A Chat About Autonomy

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Autonomy (noun)

1. self-directing freedom and especially moral independence

“When you are in our studio you have full autonomy over your body and your choices.”

We’ve been using this word a lot lately. It’s a word we’ve always used but it’s really come to the forefront with how often we’ve mentioned it in our VIP Facebook group in recent weeks.

Last month, we released a video introducing ourselves and the studio and something we focused on a lot was autonomy. Earlier this month, Jes went live in the group discussing something that happened in the world of boudoir. It shook us, it shook our community, and we wanted to reiterate the importance of Autonomy.

You read the definition above but most of all, it means you have full say over your person at your session. We will ask you if you are comfortable with certain poses, if you are comfortable with us adjusting your hair, straps on your bodysuit, etc. We will ask you how you feel about your styled outfits, if there is anything you need or that we can do for you. You are the reason we are here and we are here to make sure you are comfortable, confident, and one stellar babe.

If you are uncomfortable, please tell us! If you don’t like your styling, please tell us! Hair and make up not what you wanted? Please tell us! Don’t want to be touched, don’t want to do certain poses, please tell us!! Tell us if something isn’t feeling right, or looking the way you wanted it to, if you’re uncomfortable, etc. I promise you we will not be offended! Literally everything we do is to make sure you have the best day. That is the true definition of autonomy; having full say over your mind, body, and spirit. And our job is to make sure you understand and realize that our studio is a safe space for exactly that.

If you have any questions, or need clarification on anything, let us know! We are always here to help and we love hearing from you!

Have a great day, babes!

Jes, Emily, and Katie

(Bonus Image because we love you and who doesn’t want to see some magicalness?!)


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