5 Best Winter Comforters for Staying Cozy

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Winter is just beginning to work its snowy, cold magic, which means it’s time to get our best winter comforters at the ready. With this handy list, you won’t have to look very far: We’ve chosen a selection of luxuriously cozy fluffy finds that will not only keep you and your family snug no matter how cold the temperatures drop outdoors, they’ll save you from a heating bill that will make you cringe. 

What are the warmest fabrics for a winter comforter?

There are several types of material that work well for creating unrivaled heat in winter comforters. Take flannel bedding, for instance. Not only is it soft to the touch, it also serves as a great insulator, keeping in warmth. Wool, meanwhile, is also a great heat trapper, with some incredibly soft blends up for grabs that are the opposite of scratchy. 

Avoid bamboo fabrics or cotton material that’s marketed as “breathable:” While these are ideal comforters for summer, they’re not particularly good for colder temperatures, even if you tend to run hot. Our selections are warm, yet balanced with breathability, so you’ll be toasty – not overheated. 

How much money should I spend on a winter comforter? 

While price doesn’t always correlate to the quality of an item, spending a little more will pay off when it comes to bedding. Comfortable sleeping conditions are essential for a good night’s rest, so you want to make sure your comforter won’t fall apart in a week or two. We found a compromise between price and quality below so you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet for well-made warmth! 

How do you wash a winter comforter?

As with washing sheets, how you wash your winter comforter will all depend on the material it’s made out of. While it’s always a good idea to check the tags for proper care, as a general rule of thumb, you’ll be safe to wash your blanket in cool to warm water on a gentle cycle. All of our selections are washing machine-friendly, so you can keep headaches at a minimum. 

Sizing chart for comforters

King? Queen? Not too sure? Not to worry! We’ve banished any sizing calculation confusion with our handy standard measurements chart. Some comforters do vary, so double check before buying. 

The Best Winter Comforters 

If you’re tired of shivering night after night, you’ve come to the right place. From goose down picks with superior insulating power to weighted finds that will offer up comfort as well as heat ($49.89, Amazon), keep scrolling for FIRST for Women’s picks for the best winter comforters on the market.

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Sleep Restoration Down Alternative 1400 Series

Best Hypoallergenic Winter Comforter

Best winter comforter

Where to buy: $33.39, Amazon

hypoallergenic comforter means no itchy eyes during a long night’s sleep. This down alternative version provides warmth and coziness without creating — or worsening — allergies. And don’t let its lightweight feel fool you – no bedtime chills are creeping in with this one. Not only is this comforter soft and warm, reviewers say it will put you right to sleep.

One Amazon buyer raved, “So comfortable. Not scratchy, very soft to touch. Very warm. Color is beautiful. The shape is perfect, no lumps! I highly recommend. Only problem… you will not want to get out of bed.” 

Comfort Classics 3M Scotchgard Set

best Alternative Down Comforter

Best winter comforter

Starting at $37.99 (was $50), Walmart

Another down alternative option that comes with an added bonus is this reversible Comfort Classics set, which comes with a Scotchgard coating to keeps stains and spots away. And, should they make their way through, they’ll be easier to wash

Wrote one happy shopper, “My husband and I are both thrilled with this comforter. It feels silky to the touch, fits our king size bed perfect, and is warm as toast.”

Premier Comfort Micro Velvet and Sherpa Down 

Best Microsuede Winter Comforter 

Best winter comforter

$83.00 (was $140), Macy’s

This affordable pick proves that luxury doesn’t need a wild price tag. In addition to its superior warmth, this reversible micro velvet and sherpa comforter has an exterior so soft, it’s like touching a cloud. 

Wrote one happy shopper, “This comforter is amazing. I was surprised at the amount of sherpa how lightweight it is. Color is very rich and vibrant … I was thrilled. It is warm to sleep under but doesn’t make you sweat. The velvet top is more like a suede look and feel and super soft. I highly recommend this is an outstanding comforter at a really great price. High quality.”

Elegant Comfort All Season Comforter

Best All Season Winter Comforter 

Best winter comforter

Where to buy: $29.99, Amazon

If you’re not one for switching your bedding around  every time the seasons change, your problem has been solved: This alternative down pick comes in two colors when you feel like switching up your style, but not your whole bed. Regardless of the weather, it will keep you warm during snowstorms and on below freezing mornings, but will be breathable enough for use when the temps inevitably climb back up. 

Wrote one happy shopper, “By far the best purchase I have made for my two girls! The quality and the look are better than I expected. The softness and the lightweight quality makes it a MUST buy! I researched different comforters for months at different stores and expensive ones too! I am very happy and very satisfied with this purchase and will purchase one for my mom and one for myself…. I absolutely recommend it.”

Elegant Comfort All Season Comforter

Best Weighted Winter Comforter 

Best winter comforter

Where to buy the comforter: $59.99, Amazon

Weighted blankets were recently been introduced to the world of bedding to help calm and relax adults and kids with autism, anxiety, and insomnia. This one comes in a variety of sizes and weights, though it’s recommended to select one that’s equivalent to at least 10 percent of your body weight. To make this comforter even cozier, it’s got a minky duvet covered so soft you won’t want to leave your bed. 

Wrote one happy shopper, “My husband, cats, dogs and myself have been fighting over this, so I need to purchase more. I have been searching for years for the perfect comforter. I like a comforter that is warm, but breathable and has some weight to it – this is the one! I was skeptical because of the price, but I am so glad I made the purchase. It’s buttery soft, and feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. It looked kind of plain in the photos, but it is actually quite beautiful in person. My only complaint is that you will never want to get out of bed. I will be purchasing more for family members.”

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