4 Delicious Thyroid-Boosting Smoothie Add-Ins

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Wish you had more energy and faster metabolism? You’ve come to the right place! Up to 90 percent of women experience a thyroid health issue during their lifetime — and the exhaustion, brain fog, and unwanted pounds that it can bring with it.  

Fortunately, it’s possible to nourish and heal your thyroid to restore your energy, supercharge your metabolism, and feel your absolute best at any age! 

Starting your day with a superfood smoothie can flood your body with nutrients that help your thyroid and your entire body thrive, encourages Joe Cross, author of The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet ($13.99, Amazon).

These top smoothie add-ins are loaded with the nutrients that your thyroid needs.

  • Apples: Their soluble fiber flushes toxins and their ursolic acid is proven to improve the health of the thyroid.
  • Pineapple: It’s the richest source of bromelain, an enzyme with an anti-inflammatory effect on the thyroid.
  • Swiss chard: This leafy green is packed with thyroid-revving vitamin A, antioxidants, and magnesium.
  • Brazil nuts: They’re the richest source of selenium, a mineral that prevents thyroid damage.

Grab one (or all) of these the next time you blend up a smoothie and enjoy the yummy thyroid health-boosting benefits!

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This article originally appeared in our print magazine, Heal Your Thyroid.

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